“..Life is a Highway..”

Harley Davidsons, Ducatis, BMW bikers and Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and Maseratis drivers.. gather for a charitable cause at the Singapore Flyer.

This is a gathering of Superbikes and Supercars parade around the city or other stunning, picturesque routes for philantrophy World YBCA Foundation, a cause for youth development programs and beneficiaries.

Hopeful youths will be given a chance to have wishes fulfilled riding on the Superbikes and Supercars for city sightseeing.

A host of items are lined up to showcase the automotives for public.

#Wawasan 2020 Automotive Rendezvous Parade
#StreetzBeatz© by YBCA Time Trials
#YBCAteamracing Grid Girls model contest
#YBCAteamracing Race Circuit Side BarTop Dancing Contest
#YBCAteamracing Tornino Lamborghini Bartender Competition

This international event is open to Superdrivers and Superbikers from any countries liking to join in this milestone celebration in Asia.

Interested Bikers and Drivers please visit and pledge your philantrophy contribution and participate.


Please RSVP your participations be it Individual or Group at 

This event is in support of World YBCA Foundation a cause to development programs and beneficiaries for youths in Asia.


For media enquiries and press passes, you may email to ellysutra@ybca.tv

For sponsorships and advertising, you may email to ellysutra@ybca.tv

World YBCA Foundation is a cause to development programs and benefits for youths in Asia, managed by Alexander Solomon LLP, a Singapore business consulting and R&D firm.

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